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Providing Eye Catching Photo Presentation with Great Products is a Start.
Now Lets Get Your Customers to YOUR Website.

YOUR WEBSITE - You spend quite at bit of time and money to brand your business, don't feel you need to share your brand with an on-line photo service. OrderPicture.Com remains as un-identified as possible in the background, you won't find any `powered by`s` or other trade logos on the site clouding your identity and confusing your clients. Your clients think that it is your site, not a 3rd party.

DON'T SHARE YOUR CUSTOMERS - You worked hard to get your clients, keep them to yourself. Many of our competitors provide your customers a search engine to find other photographers using that service. We do not, so your customers cannot `shop` for a lower cost photographer.

E-MAIL MARKETING SYSTEM - We live in a one-click world today, requesting someone visit your site by typing in the address is not as effective as it used to be. Your customers will get attractive `one click` e-mail invitations and reminders linked to the pictures that interest them. You just fill in the e-mail list while creating the online event and we do the rest. Your customers that place orders or send email-a-friends links will have their email address saved for that event. We manage the system for you including an easy opt-out method for your customers. You can also send your own messages to your customers to increase sales, or copy the e-mail address list and use it in your marketing.

SOCIAL NETWORK and BLOG SHARING - Let your customers help with your marketing. Your customers can share picture links on their pages that come right back to your order page.

BuckShots - Flexible Coupon, Voucher and Gift Certificates with endless marketing possibilities

Buck$hots Features and Options
No up front costs for Buck$hot codes
They can be individual - one use only codes..... or global - multi-use codes
Order as many as you like, for any value
You can set the minimum sale amount
Set beginning and ending dates
Can be set for use only for a certain product
You can create and download Buck$hots codes within Minutes 24/7
Zero cost for unused BuckShots
BuckShots usage and management system
BuckShots can carry over remaining balances - to stimulate re-orders

Some Examples: Pre-sell packages and prints -
Portrait sittings, Sports Leagues, Holiday Parties, Etc. Order multiple individual BuckShots codes for the value of your packages, then sell them at the shoot. No need to haul all that labor and printer to an event, let them choose the picture at their leisure online and order MORE, including any of our specialty products.
Drive customers to the event - Sporting Events, Weddings, School Events, Parties, Etc. Order a Global BuckShots code for a discount when they place an order. You can distribute the single code in flyers, programs, tent cards at the event or ellectronically via email after the event.

WEB SITE STATISTICS - A complete set of stats is kept for each of your events, page views, customized products, shares and email marketing response. Order Emails are sent to you and links are available to all your sales and order history.

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