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The OrderPicture.Com system has evolved since 1996 by listening to our photographers. The overwhelming responce we get is to provide a system that allows them to concentrate on the core business and passion, shooting pictures.

PROCESS AND UPLOAD PICTURES QUICKLY - The upload software can process and upload as many as 1800 images per hour. Dont spend hours uploading and losing sales - almost half of all photo sales are made within 2 days of the event. The software can also run in the background while you are working on other projects.
What does it do at 1800 Images per hour?
Works with your full-res images (no pre-sizing or pre-cropping needed)
Creates an archive for the full-res images on your hard drive or removable drive
Auto-Rotates the pictures
Re-Sizes a copy for uploading and optimum website display
Watermarks the copy image with your custom text and logos
Sorts the pictures based on your folder structure
Extracts picture data for searches
Creates the event online with your product and pricing data
Uploads the pictures to your online event.
There is no need for your computer to stay online
Full-Res production images can be sent automatically or manual mode for retouching.

UPLOAD AND SELL WHILE SHOOTING AT THE EVENT - The HOT FOLDER SYSTEM can actually upload images from ONE OR MORE photographers as they are shooting them tethered or wireless. Within moments the pictures are ready for viewing on ANY of your customers smartphones, tablets, computers or any other device with a web browser. Customers can SHARE via email or social media sites and ORDER ANY PRODUCT on your order form! You can also integrate the Wi-Pics system for individual online bar code searches by your customers! After the event the pictures are STILL AVAILABLE on your website, your customers can view, share and order from home, office or anywhere.

PROTECT YOUR IMAGES - Complete control of the watermark, both text and your logo. Set the color, size, position, transparency, transparent color or even tile the entire image. Both of our businesses rely on people placing orders from the prints on the site. We have taken measures to prevent them from `self-printing`. Some of these features are obvious such as blocking the right mouse and providing watermarking. Some of them are not quite so obvious, but are effective.

GET GREAT LOOKING SHOTS - Calibrate your camera using the Master Photo U.S.A. Gray Card

DIRECT ORDERING - Order any products direct from any of your online events with no commision charges, just cost of the product, shipping and applicable sales taxes. (tax exempt if the proper tax forms are provided) Full free access to hundreds of memory mate, trading card, album pages, sports poster and more graphic templates.

ORDER NOTIFICATION - Every time an order is placed you will recieve an email notification with a link to the full order.

ORDER ACCESS - You can review all your orders at any time via the website. You can view the entire order including a log that shows the time and details of any action done with that order.

EASY RE-ORDER - At any time while viewing the details of an old order you can click on an item and re-order.

CREATING LINKS TO YOUR SITE - Links are easy to create from the website by clicking our `Get URL` link in the photographers menu. You can create links to your entire list of events, a certain event, a group of pictures in an event or even a single picture. You can provide those links to clients for use on thier home pages, or for your use.

URL FORWARDING - If you would like to have your own domain name but do not wish to manage a website use url forwarding. Register your name and then use the link to your OrderPicture.Com site as a `url forwarding` address. When your customers type in your `` your OrderPicture.Com list of events will display.

WEBSITE CONTROLS - Options for image manipulation, shipping and client navigation can be controlled for your account and also for each event. You also control the available products and retail pricing and add-on price margins for each event.

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